Walkthrough as Lady Godiva

Vlasta Delimar's work, eversince the late 1970s, has been based on exposing and breaking the taboos related to the female body and its codification through stereotypical roles and expectations. The artist's body has been the focal point of all her photographic works and performances. In Walkthough as Lady Godiva, Delimar quoted the medieval legend about a woman who had agreed to ride through the city naked, on a horse, if her husband Leofric, the ruler of the city, relieved the citizens of unbearable taxes. Performing the horseriding through the streets of Zagreb, the artist created an estrangement of the everyday reality, drawing attention to the responsibility of each indivudual for the community, and the transformative power residing in the decision to act with courage and unburdened by convention and restraints.

Walkthrough as lady Godiva, performance, Zagreb (HR), 2001, photographed by Fredy Fijačko

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