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about the project

Touch me was first initiated by the Croatian independent organization KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis in Zagreb in 2002, a project set at the intersection of art, technology and science. The somewhat erotic subtext of the title is not purely unintended. Most technology-based artworks are interactive or at least responsive. As such, they attempt to arrest the spectator's complete perception, widening it, drawing his entire body into themselves – a phantasm closely linked to creativity as a libidinous phenomena. Limiting its focus to project that deal with the accelerated development of technologies, Touch Me probes the world of the future and consequently the post-human state.

Artists who use new technologies and science in their projects are testing out the presence and the future in the most radical way, often intervening in the field of ethics. The concept of the Touch me project is organised out the need to map and contextualise the domestic scene, and stimulate a more relevant theoretical discourse of the subject. Since 2005 the project which includes various international performances, exhibitions, events and lectures, has developed into Touch Me festival and is held every three years. Touch me festival is an international art event presenting some of the most important new media art projects.

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