MAJA SMREKAR (SI): History of the Future

exhibition opening: Thursday, April, 10th, 2014, at 7pm
artist talk and in situ project presentation: Friday, April 11th, 2014, at 8pm
@ Pogon Jedinstvo
free entrance

April speculations on future at Mochvara Gallery are an introduction to SferaKon 2014 which is dedicated to parallel universes and alternative histories. Slovenian artist Maja Smrekar is the main culprit for the seductive space capsule which will land in the main hall of Pogon Jedinstvo – under the History of the Future, everyone who dares sit in the capsule and allow themselves to get lost in the deviations of a space and time continuum, Smrekar will lead through a mind-blowing trip through a cinematographic archive of international sci-fi productions. The sophisticated installation is not merely an exquisitely designed time machine launching us to the future of as far as the year 802701, but it is also a virtual lecture, a cyber-personification of the author, revealing astonishing Zeitgeist fragments of historical periods, and providing for an intriguing insight into man's relation towards changes in nature, technology and social psychodynamics through the phenomenology of the perception of time and a fascinating analysis of the contemporary anthropology of fear.
Backed up by an artist talk and a project presentation, accompanied by a theatre play, talks with comic book authors and a movie projection, the exhibition is part of a three day programme "
Speculations on Future – awaiting SferaKon 2014", a collaboration project organized by SFera, BADco,. Booksa, URK, Aksioma and Kontejner.


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