Lightune.G (HR): Lighterature Reading: Chapter 10

performance & artist-talk:
--- Wednesday, 30.10.2013.
doors open: 19.30, start: 20.00 @ Pogon Jedinstvo
free entrance

The tenth chapter of a series of luminoacoustic performances by the Zagreb-Zadar experimental sound art duo Lightune.G will be open for “reading”, hearing and watching on Wednesday night, October 30th 2013, in the big hall of Pogon Jedinstvo. Lighterature Reading: Chapter 10 is a performance based on the conversion of light into sound through the photovoltaic effect taking place in solar panels – a technology first described by Albert Einstein in 1905 and for which Einstein was awarded with the Nobel prize for Physics sixteen years later.

The performance is based on luminoacoustics, a performance and composition technique resulting in tonal images. Each series of tonal images, or better yet, each performance by the duo Lightune.G is unique and site specific, thus labeled as a separate chapter of the luminoacoustic series. We hereby invite you to join us in another exciting sound art evening filled with luminoacoustic sensations in Gallery Mochvara, and, in the tonal imagery disturbed darkness of Pogon Jedinstvo, dive into the appealing mystique of luminoacoustic effects. A pleasant talk about the performance, the philosophy behind luminoacoustics, the relationship of light and sound, as well as technical execution of the performance will follow shortly after the performance, in a cozy and relaxed artist talk with the authors, Miodrag Gladović and Bojan Gagić.


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