In her live performance Nausea, Sandra Sterle deliberately vomits to the tune of a song by Mišo Kovač "Dalmatinac nosi lančić oko vrata" ("A Dalmatian Man Wears a Chain Around His Neck"). The canonical song by Mišo Kovač, a cult personality of Croatia folk music, symbolizes the unbowed heritage of the patriarchal culture of the Dalmatia contained in a formula of sanctity and the unbroken tie of "blood and soil". By publicly inducing vomiting and displaying her own position of being powerless in the face of the normss of social majority, the artist constitutes herself as a subject in rebellion. Instead of verbal expression, she uses simple and primitive symbols as means of communication towards those she addresses. The work has polarized the public and stirred up a massive media response.

Nausea, performance, DOPUST – Days of Open Performance, Split (HR), 2008, photographed by Toni Meštrović

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