Lying Naked on the Pavement, Kissing the Pavement (Zagreb, I Love You!). Homage to Howard Hawks' Hatari!

In 1971, Tomislav Gotovac performed Streaking, his first performance in public/urban space, in which he ran bearded and naked through the streets of Belgrade. Similarly, in 1981 in Zagreb, I Love You..., he ran naked (now with shaved beard and hair) through the Zagrebe city center in the midst of tram tracks, running towards the main square and bowing down to kiss the pavement. Gotovac's performances created ruptures and subversions of the everyday routine of the existing socio-political order. As anarchic gestures symbolizing the desire for freedom from all constraints, they renounced the imposed definitions of the ideal artists and politicala subject as an inconspicuous, humble worker contributing to society's progress. Instead, the embodied artistic subject performed an explosion of pure and useless joy, identifying his naked and desiring body as the main protagonist of action. He was arrested by the police on the grounds of disturbing public order and peace.

Lying Naked in the Pavement, Kissing the Pavement (Zagreb, I Love You...). Homage to Howard Hawks' Hatari!, performance, Zagreb (HR), 1981., photographed by Ivan Posavec


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