Living Dead (Globalization of the Subconscious), work in progress

With the ritual personal hygiene of hair clipping and scratching the scalp with his ∫nger nails, the artist has amassed a multi-year collection of deposits of hair, water and sebaceous Ωuid from his scalp that is now approximately the size of a tennis ball. The material accumulated in the process of making this bodily sculpture is “gray greenish mud that quickly covers the whole scalp, making it look like a freshly plowed ∫eld”. The artist’s work in progress presented as an installation or live performance stresses the paranoia induced by a crisis of cultural identity. Crtalić develops a paranoid attitude towards his own thoughts and feelings as “products of globalized identity ‘colonization’”. This is further present in the need for purity in the frame of “my own demented obsessive- compulsive boosting of my own de∫ciencies”.

photographed by Marijan Crtalić

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