H-Ister-i-ja Tour mitt humán preselitev

Pino Ivančić slaughtered a turkey. The turkey thus became the symbol of all lamb and suchlike animals turning on the spit to seal the deal of privatization agreements. The turkey was also the symbol of the victim, the workers who lost their lives at Uljanik shipyards, churning out ships, and those who lost thier jobs due to privatization of Uljanik (one of them was the artist himself, who was made redundant). The turkey was sacrificed in the end, as are some 5000 other turkeys daily at the Pazin based Puris meat plant. After the slaughter Puno Ivančić wished to barbecue the turkey on the spit at the Roman colony of Nezactium, but was stopped by the aghast citizens taking their coffee in front of the Remembrance Hall. Several lawsuits followed from Green Istria, the Public Health Institute, plus a police record...

H-Ister-i-ja Tour mitt humán preselitev, performance, Pazin (HR), 2000, video stills




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