Disobedient is part of 366 liberation rituals, a series of actions, performances and interventions, which the artist performed during 2008 and 2009 on almost daily basis. Ranging from private, intimate gestures to outspoken public interventions, 366 liberation rituals represent a permanent questioning of the critical and transformative potential of individual/collective agency and contemporary art. "I decided to tattoo the word 'disobedient' which would be a daily reminder of the principles that I set for myself to follow. In that sense the word ' disobedient' does not only encompass Thoreau's and Gandhi's 'citizen's duty to disobey', but also the duty of every individual to be disobedient in relation to his own mechanisms of self-deception: laziness, conformity, egoism, selfishness, fear of authority, greed etc."

Disobedient, action, Zagreb (HR), 2009., photographed by Vladimir Tatomir





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