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about the project

Device_art is a triennial international art exhibition dealing with the art of devices and robotics, first initiated in 2004.

The fusion of art, science and technology that appeared in the middle of the 20th century has defined the course of art up to the present day. The Device_art exhibition takes off from this somewhat romantic concept of the artist/inventor reflecting on the society he or she lives in — a concept that already sparked similar exhibition projects elsewhere in the world. It's a comparative project which encourages the Croatian art scene to explore the new media as well as to contextualize it with regard to the international guidelines. The first Device_art 2004 was dedicated to the regional art scene, the second one in 2006 compared local artists with artist from the Californian art scene where the new media art is the most developed whereas the Device-art 2009 focuses on the Far East – Japan.

Teo Spiller & Tadej Komavec: X-lam

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