Anthology of Speeches

According to Slovenian philosopher Mladen Dolar, voices, as the source of power and authoritym find themselves at the intersection of the subject and the sovereign, the Master. The very moment when we listen to the voice is also the moment we obey (ob audire, gehorchen etc.), listening is the incipient subjection. Josip Zanki in  Anthology of Speeches uses precisely the power of speech giving himself the role of the speaker entering the field of instructing the other, but also linking to submission. His marathon speech (dedicated to Fidel Castro) lasting eight hours is partially autobiographic and partially a speculative tale thematizing growing up in the countryside, experiences of the rise of class awareness, entrance into the art world, religion, sects, New Age, agriculture and fishing, antiglobalist activity, consumer society.


Anthology of Speeches, performance, City Hall, Zagreb (HR), 2004, Photographed by Josip Strmečki 





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